Who are my real friends? Part 2

Relationships 2

In part 1 we looked and two different types of relationships: Friends and acquaintances.
Moving along:
Mentors: In modern society, a lot of people like to think that they can get ahead in life, on their own, without mentors. Anyone who is successful today has had mentors whether they admit it or not. A mentor, according to the dictionary is a wise and trusted guide and advisor. A mentor is someone who is ahead of you and can guide you on the path to where you are going. Some people by virtue of their profession are mentors, like teachers and pastors. However, there are people in all our lives who are at a certain level that we want to be. Instead of envying them, we should get close to them, rub minds with them, learn from them. You can have different mentors for different things: marriage, your career, spiritual mentors, business mentors, name it. The thing with mentors is that they will tell you the truth and from their experience, provide insight into things you do not know.
Protégées: These are people whom you have a mentoring relationship with. These are people who look up to you for advice. Do not fall into the trap of thinking, what do I know, I cannot help anyone. No matter what, you have something to give. Go out of your way to help someone who is struggling in an area where you have gained victory. You will find such fulfillment in helping another person. The saying,”No man is an island” is more than just a cliche.  The fact that someone is your protégée does not mean that they do not have anything to contribute. For instance I have a protégée whom I mentor as far as relationships are concerned. However, I admire her business decisions and I ask her opinions when it comes to learning about business as well as watch the decisions she makes in business. I learn from her that way.
* Part three will conclude this write-up*.


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