I gave myself a Haiku challenge, which was to write a Haiku about winter without using the words winter, snow or cold.


Blank carpet of white
Frigid, arctic temperatures
Day turns into night.


He Cares

When life’s storms threaten to overwhelm you,
And you feel vulnerable and exposed;
When all your courage seems to fail you,
God’s eyes are not closed.

When you are confused with no one to turn to,
Remember that God is still there;
Just pray and put your trust in Him,
He will keep you in His care.


Self Control

Below is a nonnet. A nonnet is a poem of nine lines, with the first line having 9 syllables. The next line has 8 syllables, etc, etc. This poem on Self-Control is part of the Fruit of the Spirit collection in my first book of poetry.

We possess the strength and self-control,
Might from within, to keep our cool
Not give in to ev’ry whim,
Feeling, caprice, and sin.
Po’wr to rise above,
Unrestraint, And,
Under God,

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Brighter far than the noonday harmattan sun,
Higher than the snow-capped peaks of Everest,
Deeper far than the trench of Marianas,
Stronger than a destructive tornado,
More electrifying than streaks of lightning,
Much louder than a clap of thunder,
More radiantly beautiful than a summer sunset,
More fragrant than a big red rose,
Much sweeter than a honeycomb,
Whiter than snow,
So wonderful…..


The deepest puncture wound piercing the tendons,
The literal heartbreak of a spear,
The shame of the skull place,
Redder than the blood,
Causing tears to cascade from heaven;
Tears for a doomed race,
For whom sacrifice was expedient…….
As a child brought forth cannot come Without blood, pain, or tears
So is Love, Agape.


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This poem is part of the Shoetry collection on fruit of the Spirit. Enjoy!

The baby is crying,
There are deadlines at work,
The meal is burning on the stove;
There’s a knock at the door,
My car has been towed,
But in my heart there’s the peace of the Lord.

The bills are past due,
I am late for a meeting,
The lawn mower is broken again;
My wife needs a moment,
I just stubbed my toe,
But I’m surrounded by the peace of the Lord

The peace of the Lord
Passes all understanding,
You mind cannot always comprehend;
Get to know this God,
He will take on your cares,
And you will always have the peace of the Lord.


My Lord My Help

The Light of my life:
He is…..
My illumination, my enlightenment,
My progress, my development;
His word blazes a trail, piercing the darkness
And foggy depths,
His Word lights the candle of my spirit;
And I see Him again:
Oh, so much more clearly,
He shines on me and shines through me,
And I reflect the light that He is.

The salvation of my soul:
He is….
My eternal hope, the Rock of my life,
The Great Rescuer;
He saved me, pulling me out of the quagmire
Of sin, sickness and utter hopelessness,
And established me on the rock of His Word;
And I know:
That He’ll save me every time I call,
He saved me and He’ll save me,
And I can tell the world
About His saving grace.

The strength of my life:
He is…..
My sufficiency, my All-in-all, My Divine Enabler;
His Strength is there for me,
Made perfect in my weakness,
Come what may,
I draw strength from His Word
And emerge victorious;
And I soar:
On eagles wings,
He renews my strength
And I have the power to conquer,
And I win every battle I face.

The Lord is my light, salvation and strength,
Of whom shall I be afraid?


Opening Meditation

This poem is part of the Shoetry collection.

God who:
Brings the miraculous out of the mundane,

Brings the supernatural out of the ordinary,

Exhibits glory in apparently lesser things,

Radiates and creates splendor from grit and grime;

God who:

Out of dust created a man,

Out of ashes delivers beauty,

Out of the storm brings peace and tranquility,

Out of despair gives life changing joy,

Out of abject poverty shows the riches of His grace,

Out of weakness brings prevailing strength,

Out of the mire of hopelessness produces a hope and a future,

Out of small men makes spiritual giants……..

Is with us

Blessed be the Name of the Lord.


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