Doggy Style(Sex tips for married men)


Men! Thank God for you, but sometimes you just don’t get it! Do you know what you wife wants, do you know what she needs?
1. Give: Put your wife’s needs ahead of your own. The Bible talks about loving your wife as Christ loved the church and gave himself for it.  Selflessly, unconditionally, sacrificially.  No more, “wham, bam, thank you ma’am”.
2. Be considerate:A good number of women today, carry bigger loads than their mothers did, some without support of a grandmother, nanny etc. Put yourself in her shoes. Help her out if you see she is struggling. Your wife is not just a sex object!
3. Connect emotionally FIRST: If you have not stimulated her brain, do not even try to stimulate her physically. She will a) Tell you she is not in the mood; b) Lie back and think of England( or whatever country she comes from); c) Decide there and then to tell you about all the awful things you have done. A mood killer, right? If you have been married for any length of time, you know what makes her tick. There are no shortcuts.
4. Plan: If you persistently try to grab your wife when all she is thinking of is sleep/movies/laundry, well you are setting yourself up for failure. Send her a naughty text, call her during the day and chat her up. It spices things up and creates an atmosphere of romance.
5. Use quickies sparingly: Everyday should not be a quickie day. Enough said.
6. Take the lead: Even after marriage ladies still want to be wooed. That is not to say that your wife cannot initiate sex. She can, but don’t leave it all up to your wife. She might feel like she’s begging for sex.
7. Cuddle: After you make love, don’t just fall asleep like a log, thereby making your wife feel used. Cuddle for a while, tell her sweet nothings, tell her she rocks your world.
I hope this helps some marriages out there! Good night or good morning.



Woman on Top( Sex tips for married women)

Women! We have become such divas haven’t we? Thank God for the freedoms of the modern world and the Christ centered mentality of good men,godly men. Ladies if our husbands are to remain happy we have to give! The Bible states that we are to walk in love.
1. Give: Put your husband’s needs above your own.
2. Talk: Tell him what you want in the bedroom. Eg “I like it when you…” NOT “Why don’t you ever….”   Tell him what you want to do to him.
3.Plan: You know he’s gonna want some nookie tonight. Send him a naughty text. That puts you on the hook, doesn’t it? Don’t always act surprised or offended when your husband tries to “get some”.
4. Play: Sometimes you have to step out of survival mode and be playful. It helps. It loosens you up. Keep a happy and joyful attitude.
5.Buy some lingerie: Men like sexy lingerie(even if they’re gonna rip it off in a few minutes). Don’t ask me why.
6. Resolve issues: If there are issues outside the bedroom, a woman cannot connect emotionally with her man. You need to have a talk with your husband(not a screaming match, mind you), about the issues at hand.
7. Learn: Improve your techniques. Read books and learn. Good sex does not just happen.
I will be attacking the men next time! Goodnight or good morning.

Are You Ready? Part 2

I recently realized that the most liked articles I have posted on this blog have been those that have to do with marital issues. This one is for ladies. It is amazing how many women get into sticky situations and marry the wrong man in spite of the warning signs.
Once again I acknowledge a lady who inspires me, Tope Akinyemi ( for these tips:

1. If the person you want to marry is a loner, ie, with no friends, he has people issues. You can’t verify how he deals with people based on relationships, you do not need verification with a lifetime commitment. Run!

2.If you are in a relationship and he is not proud to introduce you to his friends/family/colleagues as his girlfriend/fiancé, beware. Maybe he is not that into you.

3.If he insists that you get pregnant before he marries you, he is selfish and is not trying to marry you for you.

4.If he talks to you rudely and does not respect your opinions you will be an extremely frustrated married woman.

5. If he regularly demands that you promise never to leave him, he is insecure. This is not romantic. This is not love. Tread lightly because this is how jealous stalkers are made.

6.If almost every discussion has to feature his mother, and what she would think, and what she thinks, and what she wants, and on and on; watch out! You marriage will be remote-controlled by Mama!

7. If he hits people, or punches a hole in the drywall, or smashes up things when he is annoyed, you will soon become his punching bag!

8. If all he wants to do is spend money like there is no tomorrow, borrow to keep up appearances, and save nothing, he needs to change BEFORE he marries you.

9. If he keeps going on about his past relationship and how great it was, he does not respect you and you cannot compete with a phantom. You are not second best!

10. If after years and years of dating, maybe even living together, having children, he has not married you(and you want him to);face facts darling, he is not going to.

Well I am going to bed now. Hope this helps someone.

Think Big, Start Small, Act Now! Part 2

Continued from yesterday…..

1.Have a vision: Where do you see yourself in 12 months time, 2 years time, 5 years time. You cannot get what you cannot conceive.

2.Get organized: Decide what it is you want to do and develop a plan to pursue it.

3.Associations: Get to know people like you who are going where you are going; people who are in the process of doing what you are trying to do.

4.Mentors: Get to know people who have gone before you and already accomplished what you are trying to accomplish. Mentors can help ground you.

5.Dream killers: Avoid these people like the plague. These are the ones who will give you 1001 reasons why an idea would not work. Hang out with forward thinking people who will encourage you to be your best.

6:Excellence: Start small does not mean start mediocre. Develop excellence in the execution of your projects , no matter how little they are.

7.Fear not: Fight against fear like you would fight against a mortal enemy. Fear paralyzes, fear is a dream killer.

8. Keep learning: There is always more to learn on the journey to where you are going. There is no “arrival” far as developing yourself is concerned.

9. Relevant information: If you want to go to medical school why are you pursuing a degree in economics? You get the picture.

10.Sacrifice:Prepare to sacrifice money, time,sleep, relationships(see 5. above) in order to achieve your dream.



Think Big, Start Small, Act Now! Part 1

Do you have a dream?Do you dream of being in a certain profession, starting a business, having a worldwide ministry or large charity, donating huge amounts of money to those in need? Do you think about going to school to change your career? Are you thinking about quitting a dead end job; owning your own business, writing a bestseller?

Think big!

If this sounds like the sayings of a get-rich-quick schemer, think again. There is no price to pay for thinking and imagining bigger than where you are now. You can only go places you can see in your mind’s eye. Thinking and imagining where you want to be will help you to separate real God given dreams from mere fantasies. Dreams have substance and are based in reality; fantasies are, well, just that. If you never entertain the thought, you will never leave where you are. People do not become great by accident. It starts with a thought, a dream, a desire.

Start Small.

What do you have now? Do not wait until you have more money, more time, more opportunities.  Start where you are. If you never start, you will never know what you could have achieved. No one starts at the peak of anything. The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. If you cannot donate a million dollars start by giving ten. If you want to change your career, you may need to make some sacrifices to go back to school. If God has put it in you heart to start a ministry, start a bible study group in your home. If you want to write a bestseller, start writing down your ideas now.

Act Now!

Do not procrastinate, just do it. Gather as much information as you need to get started with whatever it is you have a passion for. Seek help. What if you don’t succeed? Regroup and try again. You may not be able to start your business with the penthouse office, but you can start in your garage. You may not be on the radar of a traditional publisher, but you could self publish your book and build on that. If you cannot get on TV, there is You Tube!

So there it is: Think bigger than where you are; start with what you have; go ahead and do it!

Watch out for part two of Think Big, Start Small, Act Now!



It is said:

Guard your thoughts,

For Thoughts become Words,

Words become Actions,

Actions become Habits,

Habits become a Character,

A Character becomes a Reputation.

The above well known saying was the inspiration for the poem below, titled Consistency-


In consistency lies the power,

To succeed in life or fail;

Whatever you give yourself to,

Soon becomes a habit;

A marker of a lifestyle.


In consistency lies the power,

To make or break a man;

If you do it over and over,

It becomes like a rudder;

Steering your life’s course.


In consistency lies the power,

To build a strong foundation;

Little blocks building a great castle,

The end result of a repeated pattern;

Is something strong and enduring.


In consistency lies the power,

To make your choice make you;

In consistency lies the power,

To turn deeds into character.

Fighting Fair

                Fighting Fair

         You know those times…..big fight, you’re deadlocked, and no one is backing down, because you are both “right”.Here are some helpful tips on how to fight fair.

1. Shhhhhhhh…! Seriously,lower your  voice!The Bible says a soft answer turns away wrath.For some reason a loud angry voice yelling at you just grates on your nerves so that you cannot hear what the other person saying.All you hear is their anger.You are more likely to feel calm  if  you are speaking and being spoken to in a quiet voice.

2.No name calling:This is an absolute no-no,it does not matter how angry you are.The Bible says you can be angry but do not sin.Name calling distracts from the issue at hand, and more often than not, degenerates into a “who-can-hurt-the-other-person-more” screaming match with no solution at the end of the day.

3. Leave the past behind: Deal with the present issue, do not dredge up past mistakes, faults and failures.The Bible says forget those things which are behind.You cannot drive a car looking in the rear view mirror the whole time.In the same way, you cannot deal with an issue if all you do is dredge up the past all the time. Women especially need to watch out for this one.

4. Talk! As weird as this may sound, yes, talk.Calm down and talk things over.Don’t just apologise to each other and go to bed.Don’t sulk.Don’t keep silent while the other person wants you to open up (there are times to keep quiet, for example, when you are tempted to be abusive or say something nasty to your spouse).Guys especially need to watch out for this one.Please resist the temptation to stonewall your wife.

5. Be realistic: Remember that an annoying habit or behaviour is not the whole person and your spouse gets it right sometimes.Avoid exaggerations like “you never say you love me” or “you always leave your socks on the floor”.Is that really so? A popular saying goes: “Even a stopped clock is right twice a day” .Your spouse is not that bad.Afterall you married him/her!

6. Pick your battles: Is it really worth a two hour screaming match if someone squeezes the toothpaste tube from the middle? Is it worth the silent treatment if someone burnt the dinner?Do you always have to be right?If you are right about something minor and your spouse is wrong,do you honestly have to prove how “right” you  are?

7. No hitting! Do not hit your spouse, and no, it is NOT acceptable for ladies to hit their husbands either.If you feel tempted to use your fists, or throw something, leave the room. If you spouse leaves the room in the middle of an argument do not follow him/her ranting as you go.Wait for them to return and if they do not, take a few minutes and follow and start at point number one!

Remember, your spouse is not your enemy so, do not treat them as one.Stay in the Word of God in order to strengthen your love walk, and pray for wisdom before confronting an issue with your husband or wife.

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