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A Balanced Life- Tips for health and balance in life

1. Realize that you cannot do it all: You cannot do it all. You cannot be everything to everyone, you cannot be the Savior of the world. Your child cannot be in every sport. You cannot volunteer for every thing that comes up. Sometimes you have to let go, and let God.

2. Prioritize: Decide what will come first and know what the results of the decision will be. For example if it is priority for you lose that baby weight, the result of that decision is that you will not be able to eat burgers every night. Or if it is priority to spend time with God in prayer( which it should be, as a Christian), the result of that decision is that you may have to give up some TV time.

3. Don’t major on the minors: Do not spend large amounts of time, money and effort on things that are not that important to you. Instead invest your efforts in the things that you feel are important.

4. Saying no: Saying no comes with a price. People might be annoyed; and if you have the type of personality that likes to get along with everyone, this may be a challenge. Which is better though: saying no and having folks momentarily miffed, or taking on something that you don’t want to do, have no grace to do, and getting resentful of the people who asked you to do it?

5. Be happy: A balanced life should be one of joy. Granted there will be times when you might feel that you have nothing to laugh about. Read my post My Life Sucks Find something that is going on right and be grateful for that. Do not give the keys of your happiness into the hands of someone else.

6. Take pride in what you do: If you have a job or a business , a positive attitude will help you enjoy it more. If you are a stay home parent, take up a positive attitude and go for it. Most people spend 8 hours a day working in a job they hate saving up so they can retire and start living. What mixed up thinking! Enjoy your life now. If you have a bad job seek God in prayer for another one. While you wait for the manifestation, have a positive, can-do attitude. It will help your day go faster and alleviate the mental stress.

7. Ask God for grace: There is grace supplied for everything you have to do. God will not give you grace to be a good wife and not give you grace to be a good mother. God will not withhold grace from you if only you would ask him.

Hope this helps someone!



The Value of Your Life, Your Time, Your Purpose

Make Your Life Count

Saying no: You do not have to say yes to every meeting, every committee, every donation, every project. God has specific things that He wants you to do. You have a purpose in life and you should be about fulfilling that purpose.Do not just do everything that seems like a good idea, even in church. Because there are hungry people in the south side of Chicago does not mean you are the one to feed them. You cannot say yes to everything without becoming a jack-of-all trades! Practice saying, “Let me think about it”. Guess what? If you try to do it all, you will excel at nothing and wear yourself out because God will not supply grace for a thing if He did not call you to do it in the first place.

Pleasing others/copying others: It is good to be needed and great to be able to do things for people. Watch out, however when you start to do things just because people expect you to and not out of a personal conviction that this is something you ought to do. For instance everyone in the mothers group home schools their children and you do not. The decision to homeschool or not homeschool should be based on what you feel is the right way to go and not “what will the other mothers think”. If you are approval hungry, you will never achieve anything great. Do not buy things because people expect that you should have them based on your “status”. Those same people will not be around when the creditors come knocking or when you get overwhelmed from trying to homeschool a child that you never wanted to in the first place.

Consistency : If you are going to live a life of purpose, you have to make each day count. Each day has to be lived with a consciousness of higher purpose, doing something to achieve your goals. If your goal is weight loss, do not think that a crash diet will help you if you spend most of your days eating junk food. If your goal is to build your own business, you have to work towards it. If your goal is to win many souls, each day you have to be nice to people and look for opportunities to share the gospel.
Drastic changes seldom last long. It is the things you do with each day that build your life.

Going with the flow: Have a plan for your day, your week, your month, your year. This is not to say that you are so rigid and inflexible, that you cannot make changes where necessary, but you cannot afford to live without a plan. If you do, you will be subject to the whims and caprices of other people. Have goals for your free time too. If you do not live with some sort of plan, vision or purpose, you will wake up one morning and wonder where your life went.

Have a good night friends!

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