Here is another poem from the Shoetry collection. Enjoy!






Reach higher than ever before,
Riding on wings of the Spirit;
Your time has come, to fearlessly grasp,
What God has in store for you.

Faster than humanly possible,
Living by the water of the Word;
Your time has come, to reach the world,
With what God has put inside you.

To a better “you” in Christ,
Aiming high by the power in that Name;
Your time has come, to do exploits,
With what God will do through you

Do not give in to doubt, worry or fear
Let faith and hope arise;
Do not be move by what u see or hear,
Take God’s word and move on up,
Your time has come to RISE!




This has nothing to do with the “Occupy” protests!

Luke Chapter 19:13 says “Occupy till I come”. This is taken from a parable that Jesus told. It basically means that we should be busy doing the things that God would have us do until it is time to check out of this earth. We are to be a force for God’s goodness in this world, rejecting evil and influencing the world around us for good. We are to affect lives positively through our works and as we take our place, help others fulfill their destiny. Enjoy!


Occupy, till I come, He said

It’s the takeover of the God-kind

 Gird up your loins, renew your mind

With the truth that is His Word. Bind

those devils and demons that would find

their way into your life to invade your mind

And keep you from the purpose of God. Behind

you is a host of angels ready to fight battles at God’s command.

Mind you, you have no excuse to let Jesus find you

Sleeping on the job



Occupy till I come He said

Soldiers! Where u at? Do your part

Now is the time, the time to start

Let the Spirt of God, to you impart

Boldness , faith, power, love into your heart

The weapons of our warfare have no  counterpart.

On the enemy, we have a head-start

Let’s win the world sweetheart



Occupy till I come He said

Occupy, with every resource

Occupy, do not outsource

Occupy, you are God’s workforce

Occupy, without remorse

Occupy, finish your course



Live your best life on earth

Keep eternity in view


Think Big, Start Small, Act Now! Part 1

Do you have a dream?Do you dream of being in a certain profession, starting a business, having a worldwide ministry or large charity, donating huge amounts of money to those in need? Do you think about going to school to change your career? Are you thinking about quitting a dead end job; owning your own business, writing a bestseller?

Think big!

If this sounds like the sayings of a get-rich-quick schemer, think again. There is no price to pay for thinking and imagining bigger than where you are now. You can only go places you can see in your mind’s eye. Thinking and imagining where you want to be will help you to separate real God given dreams from mere fantasies. Dreams have substance and are based in reality; fantasies are, well, just that. If you never entertain the thought, you will never leave where you are. People do not become great by accident. It starts with a thought, a dream, a desire.

Start Small.

What do you have now? Do not wait until you have more money, more time, more opportunities.  Start where you are. If you never start, you will never know what you could have achieved. No one starts at the peak of anything. The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. If you cannot donate a million dollars start by giving ten. If you want to change your career, you may need to make some sacrifices to go back to school. If God has put it in you heart to start a ministry, start a bible study group in your home. If you want to write a bestseller, start writing down your ideas now.

Act Now!

Do not procrastinate, just do it. Gather as much information as you need to get started with whatever it is you have a passion for. Seek help. What if you don’t succeed? Regroup and try again. You may not be able to start your business with the penthouse office, but you can start in your garage. You may not be on the radar of a traditional publisher, but you could self publish your book and build on that. If you cannot get on TV, there is You Tube!

So there it is: Think bigger than where you are; start with what you have; go ahead and do it!

Watch out for part two of Think Big, Start Small, Act Now!


Do You Hate Yourself?

                                                                                    DEFEATING LOW SELF ESTEEM

 1. Realize that your battle is in your mind: If you win the battle in your mind, you are set! Arm yourself with scriptures. The Bible says you are fearfully and wonderfully made. God made you for a reason and no matter what you have gone through, your experiences you not define you as a person. When those negative thoughts about how awful you are come up, cast them down. Do not accept them any longer. Read uplifting books. Read the Bible. God made you and God is always right. God did not make a bad product.

 2. Watch your associations: Are your friends a people who do not see the good in anything, let alone themselves, or you? Well, it is time to make new ones. Associate with people who uplift you, not those who bring you down. Are you in an abusive relationship? Seek help, get out! Do your friends put you down? Then they do not deserve to be your friends. Do your parents tell you, that you will never amount to anything? Do not internalize that message; do not let it sink into your heart (This is where the scriptures help).

 3. Self-care: If you suffer with low self esteem chances are that you have neglected yourself in some way somewhere along the line. Take care of your health, exercise, eat right, lose weight if you need to. Take a class that interests you. Develop some new hobbies to take your mind off you. Go out, visit new places. If you are overwhelmed in life, try to squeeze out a vacation. Get some new clothes (they do not have to break the bank).

4. Be careful what you say: Watch your mouth! No more fat jokes (I just look at food and get fat); no more poor jokes (I am so broke I cannot even pay attention); no more dumb jokes (I am such an idiot). Call those things that are not as though they are! Say what you want to see in your life: I am God’s product and God is not wrong; my metabolism works great; I am smart; I call myself rich according to the Word of God; I shall never be broke; I don’t desire to eat so much; I esteem myself as God esteems me; etc, etc, etc.

5. Learn to love you: Accept the love of God, learn to love yourself. Yes, we know you have issues but hey, who doesn’t? Only when you love yourself, through accepting God’s love, will you have the strength to change whatever behavior or habit it is about yourself that you do not like. There is no better you than you, so, love you.

6. Help somebody out: When you make strides, help other people with their struggles. Chances are that as you focus on other people you will focus on yourself less and as you help others, God will cause help to come your way in various forms. Remember, deeds are seeds.

7. Seek counseling: If you are depressed, in over your head, seek help from a trusted friend, a pastor, counselor, life coach, or someone who has been there before. As a child of God, you do not have to struggle alone.

You Are More Than This

The following poem is an excerpt from my soon to be released book titled Shoetry(pronounced Sho-etry, rhymes with poetry). The poem is dedicated to women.


                                   You are more than this

Are you crying, weeping, bound in the grips of addiction?

Desperately searching for the next fix;

A lifetime lost in a downward spiral, chasing after the highs.


Are you sharp, a hard worker, focused solely on the job at hand?

A desperate climb up the ladder;

No time for God, family or friends, just a ruthless climb to the top.


Are you wealthy, famous even, living in the lap of luxury?

But with a desperate need for true friends;

Finding out daily, that money cannot buy love, salvation, friendship.


You are more than this….


You are more than addictions, emotions and drama,

You are more than your career, your money, your looks,

You are more than failures of the past,

You are more than an object of a man’s desire,

You are more than this….

You are loved by God,

Called for his purpose,

Chosen for His work,

A light to your world and a voice for the perishing;

Shake off those fetters that hold you bound,

And, arise to a new birth, a new dawn, a new day,

Your time has come to shine.

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