Keep the Fire Burning Part 1.

Marriage takes work. It is not about two people going into it to “have someone meet my needs”. Each person has to put the needs of the other first. Having said that, here are a few tips I heard from Rev Albert Femi Oduwole ( Word Ablaze Ministries International). These are things that when practiced consistently, add flavor to your marriage.
1. Date together: Date night is more important after you marry than before! Develop a culture of date night. It could be once a week, once a month( not once a year). It should be regular. No talk about bills, kids, work, home repairs. Have fun, talk about your relationship and what you can do to make it better. This should be a regular occurrence, so that you can correct things going on in your relationship before they become so bad that they look unfixable. Go to a movie, go out to dinner, go for a walk, drive around to unfamiliar place and just talk. Hang out, have fun. This is what memories are made of.
2. Discuss together: Talk, talk, talk. Talk about everything. Talk about money. Talk about no money. Talk about the children, talk about your goals, talk about your families, talk about your good days, talk about your bad days, talk about your fears, talk about your dreams, talk about your health, talk about sex, talk about ministry. You get the picture? Talk when you are happy, talk when you are not. Listen to your spouse. Discussion is not about one person dominating the conversation. If your spouse is not a big talker,you may have to ask them, “So what do you think?” Listen to the verbal and watch for the non-verbal communication.
3. Dream together: It does not cost anything to imagine. Talk about your dreams and goals and visions. Imagine a great future for yourselves. Share your common and individual dreams. Do not shoot down the dreams of your spouse or they may not open up again.


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