RAISING A GENIUS- Helping your child exercise their learning potential- part 2

Continuing from part 1:

4. Every opportunity is a teaching opportunity: Learning is not only limited to a classroom. “What shape is a stop sign?” I asked my daughter when she was 4. “Octagon”, came the reply. How did she know that? I had told her previously. Sometimes people ask me, “How do your children know this?” I teach them. I taught my 2 year old how to use a mouse. My husband taught our older daughter how to spell her name when she was three. On long drives we count all the way to 100, learn songs, recite ABCs and do mini “spelling bees”. We got a bean once and planted it in an old flower pot to see how things grow. It is not hard to teach children in a way that encourages a love of learning.

5. Encourage thinking outside the box: Encourage critical thinking. Ask questions and encourage them to ask questions too. When they stray off the beaten path ask yourself, is what they are doing unsafe for them or others? Is it destructive? Is it just wrong? If not, it’s ok to get dirty, it’s ok to tear up styrofoam, it’s ok to mix two colors of playdoh; it’s ok to color outside the lines; it’s ok to write in “robot letters”; it’s ok to put “Sharpie””make-up” on the doll’s face.

6. Study your children and follow your instincts: Some types of schooling work better for certain children. Some children learn more at daycare/ nursery than at home. Some are better off taught at home before the compulsory school years. Some children thrive in Montessori schools( I know mine wouldn’t). Some children need more structure( mine does). Some children are visual learners, some prefer to hear things recited. Use tools that appeal to your child the most. Do not bother about doing what everyone else is doing. You may choose public school, Christian schools, private schools, homeschooling. The point is if none of the schooling methods are wrong, you are free to choose what sits right with you.

7. Relax: Every child learns at their own pace. If your two year old is not reading yet, it’s ok! Work with them where they are. One thing which works for me is to remember that God gave me my children, but He also gave me to them! I realize that I have what it takes to help them reach their potential and ultimately fulfill their purpose.


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