RAISING A GENIUS- Helping your children exercise their learning potential

This is really not about geniuses at all, but about helping your little one be all they can be and develop a lifelong love for learning. Babies are not dumb little creatures, they are capable of absorbing vast amounts of information with ease. These tips apply mainly to babies and preschoolers, although there are applications in older children too.

1. Start early: Talk to your baby while he is in the womb. Sing to your baby, start reading to them before they are one year old. Do not talk to them in “baby talk” and it is ok to use so-called big words. If you speak two languages in your home speak them both to your child. As early as six months of age, start to name the parts of the body( except privates) during baby’s bath. Before the age of one get plastic ABCs( lower case) and show them to your baby, naming the letters. This should not be done as a task, but as part of play.

2. Exalt character above being smart: There is no use being a smart jerk. If your child grows up being rude and uncouth, because being smart was exalted above good character, you will be the loser. There are so many smart people who are arrogant. This is sad really. They have book smart, but no one ever trained them to be a good human being!

3. Read, read, read: Read to them! Read books yourself. Children mirror the behavior they see. Readers are learners and learning means growth. Read to your six month old. Read to your six year old. Buy interesting books. Read them the Bible. Apart from learning how to live a godly life, they will learn some big words too! 🙂 Start with reading the alphabet then graduate to books above your child’s so called reading grade. Remember this should be fun. Do not make a task of it or they will lose interest. If they don’t feel like reading a book one day it is ok and it won’t affect their chances of getting into Harvard later.

Watch out for the concluding segment



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