LIFE IN BALANCE- Power over procrastination

So, you may have heard this before, but when it comes to handling procrastination, I don’t think there can be too much information on the subject. As a person who has had challenges in this area, I realize that sometimes you have to “force yourself” to get up and move, instead of just “vegging out ” in front of the TV when you have 1000 tasks screaming your name.

1. Have goals
: If you have no goals how will you know wether you are procrastinating or not. For me, it works to break my day into time slots ie from 2pm to 3pm, pay bills and call Mom; from 6pm to 7pm, hang out with the children etc. Have goals for your free time too! Chances are that your free time is not so free after all.

2. Remember that desire follows effort and not always the other way round: The “get-up-and-go” has to come from within. There is no one who will give you the push. There is no magic pill. The desire follows the effort. When you decide you want to do what you need to do the desire may come. If you sit waiting for when you “feel like it” , the feeling may never come.

3.Have a reasonable plan to achieve those goals: Set reasonable deadlines for yourself, and as you achieve them, the accompanying sense of wellbeing will drive your progress.

4. Pray: According to Galatians 5:22 faithfulness is fruit of the Spirit. As a Christian you can ask for God’s help in manifesting that faithfulness in sticking to your goals.

5. Focus: You have to develop focus. It is learnt and it won’t come just you saying things like I can’t focus, I just waste the day away etc, etc. You need to change the way you see yourself and make a choice to focus on starting and completing your projects.

6. If you are prone to procrastination, do not take up multiple projects at a time. Have one at a time and stick to it. The tendency is to get overwhelmed at the different things and just give up.

7. Do not give up:If you have been given to procrastinating for years, the habit will not go away in a day. You have to keep picking yourself up, remind yourself that you have goals, you have a plan and above all God has a purpose for your life.


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