Expect Opposition

The following is an excerpt from His Delight: 31 days of Praise and Worship

If you are going to do anything worthwhile for God, including worshipping and living a life of worship, it is pertinent to realize that the devil is going to fight you tooth and nail to keep you from doing so. The Bible says we are not to be ignorant of the wiles of the enemy. I am not one of those people who see a demon lurking behind every shrub, but neither am I blasé about the fact that the devil does not want me praising God because the more I praise Him, the less the devil’s works are able to affect me.
One of the things the devil does is to try to make you forget whatever new things you learn about God. You need to make it a point to keep your focus on God’s Word by making an effort to stay in prayer and the Word daily. Another tactic of his is to discourage you by making you feel you can never attain heights of worship and that you will always be mediocre.To this the Bible says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”
Another trick that works very well against believers is being too busy. You may even be busy doing “church things”, at the expense of seeking the real thing, the kingdom of God! Re- member, do not get so focused on working for God that you forget God Himself.Please do not get too busy to spend time with God. Make it a priority. Above all else remember to rely on God. You have the victory that overcomes, which is your faith. God is there to help you, if you try to get ahead in the area of worship and you do not succeed at first, do not give up. You will only make your adversary happy by giving up.


I will live for You Lord.
I will live the life of worship that You want me to live.
Divine Enabler, my heart is always towards You, to love You, obey You and consistently worship You.
Your power is greater than what the adversary may bring.
Your love is all encompassing, bringing me closer to You.
I have faith in You, faithful one.
I choose to serve You faithfully and I will resist and denounce the enemy.
Restorer, Rewarder, God of manifold blessing –
I will live for You.

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An aubade is a poem or song greeting the morning.
Inspired once again by my fellow blogger, BoomieBol, who writes really engaging aubades, I decided to write one and here it is.

Morning is here
Night, disappear
The sky is clear
Sunrise is near
Get up, my dear
Your God revere
Say you a prayer
Be of good cheer
Breakfast is here
Go out with flair
Don’t be austere
Don’t stand and stare
Face your day square
Morning is here.

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Just stay with me.
Modeling is the act of representing something or the representation of something. To model is to create a representation or model of.
Are you still there?
Now, modeling, when it comes to parenting is the art of presenting to your children those behaviors, habits and deeds that you want them to take up.
A good number of people do not realize how important it is to be the person you want your children to be. The Bible says everything produces after its own kind. Even your hidden traits are likely to come out in your children. Praying for your children is a must, and discipline cannot be overemphasized. As parents, however we have a duty to behave in front of our children.

Do you cuss and swear and expect your children not to do so? Do you smoke like a chimney and think they will not become a smoker just because you said so? Do you bully and beat your spouse and expect your child not to be the schoolroom terror? Do you spend all day watching TV then turn around and call your child lazy? Are you rude to everyone and wonder why your child has a “sass-mouth”?

There are enough challenges out in the world for children, they do not need to have poor examples at home too. Granted, no family is perfect and we all need work. This piece is not meant to condemn anyone but to encourage you to make the necessary changes, your child’s future may depend on it.


I want to write a poem

I want to write a poem.

I want to write a poem

I stole this title from my friend and fellow blogger Boomie Bol. The body of the poem is mine but she is the better poet!


I want to write a poem
Free verse, touching,rhyming, living, breathing
Taking a form, its very own
Not for me the erudite, the deep,
The yawning chasm of the incomprehensible
I want to write a poem
To create with words
As a potter with clay
An artist with brush
A builder with mortar
I want to write a poem


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