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I am really excited to launch my new website
Thanks to my brother Alex and his wife Adeola! There they are in the picture below!

Anyway, I am biting my nails with excitement and wondering what to write about.

Should I write about praising God, should I write a poem, should I write about marriage, sex, relationships, self improvement, book publishing? I don’t know. Quite frankly, nothing comes to mind except this:

THINK BIG, START SMALL, ACT NOW. Your dream is a seed for your future. Take small steps everyday to fulfilling your dream. If one door doesn’t open try others. The fact that a door is closed does not mean that God closed it. Be grateful for the things and people in your life. Do not wait to lose them before you realize their worth.Associate with people who will dream with you, encourage you, and tell you the truth. Stay away from dream killers.



It’s Not About You

Here is an excerpt from His Delight 31 days of Praise and Worship.
There is a popular Christian chorus that starts with the words, “I forget about myself and concentrate on you to worship you”. Worship is about you presenting your life as a living sacrifice to Him. Often,I have heard Christians say things like, “I did not really enjoy the praise songs today” or, “I did not ‘flow’ with the worship songs”; or even “I do not like the worship leader”! Guess what?

Worship is not for you to enjoy, it is for God to enjoy. It is never about the song, it is about what is in your heart. It is not about the instruments (or lack of thereof) or the musical technology or your favorite worship leader.

It is however, about adoring God, with your words, in your singing, in your dancing, in your attitude and in your life. As the aforementioned song says, forget about you because it is not about you.
Let God Himself be the focus of your praise and worship, so that whatever the circumstances, you are worshipping God and not indulging in a feel-good emotional session.


It’s all about You Lord.
My praise and worship is all about You.
You reign and rule on high in splendor, in righteousness, in glory, in power, in mercy, in judgment and in love.
I exalt You Lord above everything vying for my attention.
You are worthy of the highest place.
Take all my praise today, El-Elyon-Most High God; the One who is there and ever faithful.
Jehovah Shamma.
I worship and adore You Holy One of Israel because it is all about You!


Great piece, once again Graeme!


I gave myself a challenge of a Haiku that rhymes, about the sunset, without the words sun or sunset.


Fading into  night

Red glowing ball of  pure light

Now it’s out of sight

The 3 A’s of marriage

This is a reblog. It is a few pointers from a speech I gave at a wedding recently.

1.Accept: You should be accepting of the other person. Never communicate to your spouse that they are in some way flawed, broken, or do not measure up. Acceptance does not mean being happy with your spouse’s flaws. It does mean however, that knowing those flaws, you choose to be patient with your spouse as he or she works on becoming a better person.

2.Adjust: In marriage you have to adjust to living with another person, their wants, needs and desires; their flaws and foibles, their habits. Do they drop their socks on the floor? No problem! Pick them up, step over them,or drop yours on the floor too! *Insert laughter here*. Do they squeeze the toothpaste from the middle? Again,no problem! Join them, rearrange the toothpaste tube after them or buy another tube of toothpaste. I hear you ask, what about the serious stuff? Read my post on communication. You still have to adjust to the fact that what you see as serious as a heart attack may not be that serious to your spouse and vice versa. Adjustment means to learn the other persons communication styles and respond accordingly. People run into problems when they take an attitude of I don’t have to adjust, I am who I am etc. This does not work in the real world of marriage. Sometimes you have to do things just to keep the other person happy!

3.Allow: Make allowances. No one is perfect, therefore no marriage is perfect. Make allowance for the PMS, and the had-a-bad-day-at-work; and the had-a-bad-day-at-home; and the burnt dinner; and the fall-asleep-during-foreplay; and the I-forgot-my-keys(again). Each spouse needs to make allowances for the other person’s not so stellar times.

Hope this helps someone!



Praising God- The attitude of the heart

The following is an excerpt from His Delight: 31 Days of Praise and Worship.

Do you think of God as a mean judge? Do you think of Him as some unpredictable, whimsical being? Or is He to you like Santa Claus: giving you everything you want as long as you are a good boy or girl? God is good and worthy to be praised and worshipped. He gave us life and all the good things that we have. A constant appreciation of His goodness is the attitude of a true worshipper.

A person who would seek to truly worship God realizes that God is Sovereign and perfect and God all by Himself. He does not need any validation from man to be God. Lack of belief in Him does not take away from His deity, and He does not have to do anything for us and yet, He does. For these reasons, we should be ready to thank and praise Him for the little things, even as we trust Him for bigger things.

David was called a man after God’s heart because even though he was weak and imperfect, his attitude towards God was one of reverence and humility. So, as you meditate on the goodness of God, let the attitude of your heart be one of reverence, awe, gratefulness and faith because out of this will flow sincere praise to God.




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