Work Life Balance Part 1

God said, “Be fruitful and multiply”. He never said, “Be busy”. Most of us have wondered at different times whether we were achieving the right balance of work and the rest of our life ie family, relaxation/hobbies; and whether we are spending enough time doing things for God. You cannot bear much fruit in life if you cannot use the time God has given you wisely.

Time is the one resource that God has given everyone equally:24 hours a day.

1. Give God your time: As clichéd as this many sound, if you want to have a successful life with no time wasted, you need to give God 1st place in your life. People pay lip service to this, but who can better help you with your time management than the One who controls time and knows the end from the beginning? If you prioritize God, He will make sure you do not waste time by guiding your activities and by His Spirit leading you right causing what you do to be more fruitful. Spending the first minutes of you day in prayer and Bible study is a way to honor God and get Him involved in your day.

2. Work while you work, and play while you play: When you go to work, or if you run a business, try your best not to let work encroach on your home life and vice versa. There are some jobs/professions where you have to be on call ie you have to attend to work issues from home, but it is not usually a daily thing. While at work try not to let your personal issues/ home life get in the way of doing a good job. You will be more effective when you focus on one thing at a time. Excessive multi-tasking only leads to broken focus. Take time to play, rest and have fun.

3. Have a sense of purpose about you: With a sense of purpose your work-life balance will not be messed up because you will avoid time wasting activities. If it is not about purpose, then think twice about doing it. This does not mean that you cannot have fun and relax but do you have to go to every single office party and be the last one to leave? Do you have to join every committee in church? Do your children have to play so many sports that all you can do is go to their games every weekend? Do you have to watch 5 hours of TV every day? Think about what you are doing and how it will ultimately affect the purpose of God for your life.

4. Have a sense of balance about you: Balance means knowing when you need to leave the office and head home. Balance means trying to make up for lost time whenever you can. For instance, if you have had to work a lot of long hours due to a project, being on-call, etc., try to make up the family time where you can. You might take a short vacation or find some way to spend time with your family. Balance means not feeling guilty about unavoidable situations that take up your time. Balance means doing important things first, at home, in church and on the job. Balance means not doing too much of one thing at the expense of another.

Watch this space for Part 2



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