The following poem is from the Shoetry collection. It is a nonnet, which is a poem with nine lines, and nine syllables on the first line, eight syllables on the second line, etc, etc. It is about the fruit of the Spirit: self control.

We possess the strength and self-control,
Might from within, to keep our cool
Not give in to ev’ry whim,
Feeling, caprice, and sin.
Po’wr to rise above,
Unrestraint, And,
Under God,




It is said:

Guard your thoughts,

For Thoughts become Words,

Words become Actions,

Actions become Habits,

Habits become a Character,

A Character becomes a Reputation.

The above well known saying was the inspiration for the poem below, titled Consistency-


In consistency lies the power,

To succeed in life or fail;

Whatever you give yourself to,

Soon becomes a habit;

A marker of a lifestyle.

In consistency lies the power,

To make or break a man;

If you do it over and over,

It becomes like a rudder;

Steering your life’s course.

In consistency lies the power,

To build a strong foundation;

Little blocks building a great castle,

The end result of a repeated pattern;

Is something strong and enduring.

In consistency lies the power,

To make your choice make you;

In consistency lies the power,

To turn deeds into character.


Woman on top 2( More sex tips for married women)

Back by popular demand!
More sex tips for married ladies.

1. Step up your game: Ladies, get good at being a sex goddess to your husband. Role play, acting out some fantasies( not all fantasies are within the bounds of feasible or right, so you and your spouse will have to work together).

2. Initiate: Men do not have to be the aggressors 100% of the time. Give a little. Use female dominant positions to change things up a bit. Because you have been married for ten years does not mean you cannot go ahead an jump his bones. If women do not initiate, men can start to feel as though she is unwilling partner, which brings me to my next point.

3. Make him feel wanted About 800 men were asked in a survey about this and the overwhelming response was that sex is more than just a physical need, it makes men feel desired, wanted and needed. All it takes is a look from you for your hubby to know that you desire him sexually too. Tell him in bed and out of it.

4. Leave it out: When your spouse wants to make love, please do not remind him of all the wrongs he has done against you in that moment. He will only feel your rejection and not what is truly in your heart. Resolve issue before bedtime and then have yourselves some, “make up sex”.

Not a weapon: Don’t use sex(or lack of) as a weapon. Enough said

As usual I will be getting at the men next time.
Good night or good morning.


Tips on Avoiding Burnout

1. Accept the fact that God cares about every aspect of your life and He supplies grace for it all.

2. Do not take on too much. Most of the time, we know what we can realistically handle.

3. Practice saying the magical two letter word, “No”. You do not have to be involved in every project that happens by. Do not feel guilty if you have to turn down some stuff.

4. Strive for a life of balance with work, home life, church activities, play.

5. Rest is not an option. Vacations, staycations, short getaways, spa days, downtime : these are all necessary. Everyone should have at least a day off in a week where you can rest from your work. If God rested , so can you.

6. You feel most fulfilled when you are helping others rather than just running about frenetically chasing activities for their own sake

7. Set boundaries. For instance, no phone calls during dinner; or every day when I come home from work I will relax in my room for thirty minutes; or every three months, my wife and I will go on vacation for 4 days.

8. Do not let circumstances control your joy.

Well, that’s all folks! Have a great day!


About God

The burning question is, what about God do you believe? Do you believe he doesn’t exist; that he does exist but is uninvolved; or that all paths lead to Him?

It is this simple. There is one way to God and that is through a personal relationship with Him through Jesus. It is really simple. When God made the world, man feel through sin, and God sent His Son Jesus to die and take the punishment that should have befallen sinful man. That way , anyone who believes that Jesus came to save the world and through a simple prayer or declaration enters into a relationship with him is saved. It’s so simple, it’s almost unbelievable. That may be what throws people, I dunno…… This is called being born again.

Well what are the advantages of being a born-again Christian? Well, peace in your life, security,favor, blessings, good health, a sense of purpose, the constant help of the Holy Spirit(who by the way, is the Helper Jesus promised us in the Bible) in matters as simple as what to wear today, to matters as complex as whom to marry! It is a sweet deal! Being in relationship with Christ is more that just going to church(although, having fellowship with a company of fellow believers helps you on your journey), it is really a personal journey.

Well, at the end of the day, there is heaven to be gained and a hell to be shunned if you give your life to Christ. If I am wrong,at my death I would just have been another “nutjob” who has helped people, found my life’s purpose, lived a truly happy, healthy, long peaceful life.

What if I am right though?





Enjoy another poem from the Shoetry collection

See and know that I am He,
I am He and beside me there is no other;
I am He the cause,
I am He the effect,
I am He who sits in heaven who rests His foot upon terra firma;

I cause:
The seas to roll,
The earth to spin,
The sun to dazzle, to warm, to blaze;
The trees to grow,
The birds to sing,
The stars to twinkle, to shine, to constellate;

I am:
The uncreated Creator,
The immovable Mover,
The unshakeable Shaker,
The unchangeable Changer,

I Am that I Am:
I am the life in a man: the breath in his life,
The Maker of all things seen and unseen,
The Lord of the entire universe,
Alpha and Omega,
The Beginning and the End.


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