Well, if you are engaged and planning to get married, congratulations. This is the time to plan your upcoming nuptials as well as lay the groundwork for the rest of your lives. There are a number of crucial issues that have to be discussed before the wedding day

1. Financials: How much(if any) do you owe? How much have you saved? Do you know each other’s spending habits? Are you frugal or are you a spendthrift? How do you plan to save for the future? Do you have inheritances? How do you plan to use those? Do you plan to give money to a charity? Now is the time to talk about such.

2. Spirituals: Develop a habit of praying together about issues before you take them to a third party. Pray together(not in a dark deserted place mind you) and pray for each other.

3. Family: Discuss matters related to your extended family and how they fit it with you both as a family unit. Talk about children, if you want any, and how many you want have. It is amazing how many couples get married, only to find out that one person wants a tribe of kids and the other is content with a having a puppy!

4. Work: Talk about your career expectations. Do you plan for the lady to stop working after having children? This is the time to talk about it, not when you are already pregnant.

5. Ministry: What do you feel that God is calling you to do? This is the time to talk about your purpose and calling and be open with your spouse-to-be with regards to what you see yourself doing, with regards to working for God.

There are a whole lot of things that needs to be discussed with your fiancé / fiancée. The above is just a starting point on which one can build.


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  1. Eric Alagan
    Jun 05, 2012 @ 05:25:19

    Very true – marriage is for life and we can’t prepare enough for it…and even that is only the start.


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