This has nothing to do with the “Occupy” protests!

Luke Chapter 19:13 says “Occupy till I come”. This is taken from a parable that Jesus told. It basically means that we should be busy doing the things that God would have us do until it is time to check out of this earth. We are to be a force for God’s goodness in this world, rejecting evil and influencing the world around us for good. We are to affect lives positively through our works and as we take our place, help others fulfill their destiny. Enjoy!


Occupy, till I come, He said

It’s the takeover of the God-kind

 Gird up your loins, renew your mind

With the truth that is His Word. Bind

those devils and demons that would find

their way into your life to invade your mind

And keep you from the purpose of God. Behind

you is a host of angels ready to fight battles at God’s command.

Mind you, you have no excuse to let Jesus find you

Sleeping on the job



Occupy till I come He said

Soldiers! Where u at? Do your part

Now is the time, the time to start

Let the Spirt of God, to you impart

Boldness , faith, power, love into your heart

The weapons of our warfare have no  counterpart.

On the enemy, we have a head-start

Let’s win the world sweetheart



Occupy till I come He said

Occupy, with every resource

Occupy, do not outsource

Occupy, you are God’s workforce

Occupy, without remorse

Occupy, finish your course



Live your best life on earth

Keep eternity in view



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