Praising God

Excerpt from His Delight: 31 Days of Praise and Worship

What is your heart’s attitude towards God? Do you think of God as a mean judge? Do you think of him as some unpredictable, whimsical being? Or is he to you just like Santa Claus: giving you everything you want as long as you are a good boy/girl?

God is good and worthy to be praised and worshipped. He gave us life and all the good things that we have. A constant appreciation of this is the attitude of a worshipper. A person who would seek to truly worship God realizes that God is Sovereign and perfect and God all by Himself. He does not need some sort of validation by man to be God. Lack of belief in Him does not take away from His deity, and He does not have to do anything for us and yet, He does. For this we should be ready to thank and praise Him for the little things, even as we trust Him for bigger things.


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