Praising God

His Delight: 31 Days of Praise and Worship

This Christian devotional book is an easy read, and attempts to show how praise and worship is so much more than a song or two sung in a church service. It is rather, all-encompassing and should be part and parcel of daily living. Each chapter contains a memory verse for the day, a scripture reading as well as a prayer of praise at the end of the chapter. There are some tips for worship leaders at the end of the book also.

The following is an excerpt:

“God neither lives in houses made by men, nor does he need us to feed, clothe or shelter Him! Think about it, you give praise to God, and He receives it. This is probably why the Bible talks about God inhabiting the praises of His people. He loves to receive the praise of His children, He delights in it. Do not take this lightly. If you had to present a gift to a king or the president, you would not give a shabby gift, carelessly wrapped, thrown in his face. You would give something of worth to an earthly king and you would present it with respect and reverence. How often do we sing songs of praise (during a worship service), while our minds drift off to wonder what is on the lunch menu!”

His Delight is sure to bless you. You can get a copy from



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