The burning question is, what about God do you believe? Do you believe he doesn’t exist; that he does exist but is uninvolved; or that all paths lead to Him?

It is this simple. There is one way to God and that is through a personal relationship with Him through Jesus. It is really simple. When God made the world, man feel through sin, and God sent His Son Jesus to die and take the punishment that should have befallen sinful man. That way , anyone who believes that Jesus came to save the world and through a simple prayer or declaration enters into a relationship with him is saved. It’s so simple, it’s almost unbelievable. That may be what throws people, I dunno…… This is called being born again.

Well what are the advantages of being a born-again Christian? Well, peace in your life, security,favor, blessings, good health, a sense of purpose, the…

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