Think Big, Start Small, Act Now! Part 2

Continued from yesterday…..

1.Have a vision: Where do you see yourself in 12 months time, 2 years time, 5 years time. You cannot get what you cannot conceive.

2.Get organized: Decide what it is you want to do and develop a plan to pursue it.

3.Associations: Get to know people like you who are going where you are going; people who are in the process of doing what you are trying to do.

4.Mentors: Get to know people who have gone before you and already accomplished what you are trying to accomplish. Mentors can help ground you.

5.Dream killers: Avoid these people like the plague. These are the ones who will give you 1001 reasons why an idea would not work. Hang out with forward thinking people who will encourage you to be your best.

6:Excellence: Start small does not mean start mediocre. Develop excellence in the execution of your projects , no matter how little they are.

7.Fear not: Fight against fear like you would fight against a mortal enemy. Fear paralyzes, fear is a dream killer.

8. Keep learning: There is always more to learn on the journey to where you are going. There is no “arrival” far as developing yourself is concerned.

9. Relevant information: If you want to go to medical school why are you pursuing a degree in economics? You get the picture.

10.Sacrifice:Prepare to sacrifice money, time,sleep, relationships(see 5. above) in order to achieve your dream.




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  1. Tabatha Pilar
    May 02, 2012 @ 02:57:17

    Howdy: thank you for getting the time of creating up this facts. I frequently try to even more my comprehension of facts. Regardless of whether I concur or disagree, I like facts. I just remember the olden times when the only supply of knowledge was the library or even the newspaper. They the two look so old. Please excuse my rough grammar : )


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