Hey I’m The Parent: Part 2

                                         In “Hey I’m The Parent: Part 1” we dealt with being: fun, consistent, an example for your children to follow; and being “the parent”.Here we focus on being loving, being there for your children and showing pride in the things that they do.

5.Be loving:You love your children,tell them so!Yes, tell them everyday and in different ways,whether they have done well that day or not.Tell them, no matter how old they are,they will not get tired of hearing it.Needless to say, loving words have to accompany loving actions.Do not be abusive towards your children, do not punish them harshly, and let any punishment for wrong doing fit the crime and age of the child.Do not belittle them,call them names or embarrass them in public.Do not rant at them in endless tirades.Is this hard to do? Not really.

6. Be there: I do not necessarily believe in the entity called “quality time”.The benefits of spending time with your children are in the amount of time you spend with them as well as the things you do in that time, not one or the other.For instance is it better to spend fifteen minutes reading a book to your little child, or spend one hour just hanging out? Answer: one hour just hanging out. If someone were to give you a 1 cm square cube of delicious filet mignon for dinner and tell you it is a “quality steak” what would you say? Of course, you would want a much larger piece of delicious steak.The Bible says, if anyone lack wisdom let him ask of the Lord who gives liberally and does not scold you for asking(I paraphrase).Pray for wisdom from God to manage your time effectively so that your children do not suffer.

7.Be proud:Applaud their achievements!Be your child’s biggest encourager.Everyone has something worth celebrating,be it academic achievements,sports;kindness shown to another person;a personal sacrifice of time, money or possessions; a piano recital; a drawing;a political position; a new job; being a helper; getting into college…….you get the picture.The point I am trying to make is that every child at whatever age yearns for his parents pride and approval.In this day and age of competition,it is important to focus on your children’s achievements and not compare them to other children(not even siblings) in your thoughts or words.

               Well, children are gifts from God, the Bible says.The Bible also states that the blessing of the Lord makes rich and adds no sorrow. Children are part of the blessing because the Bible calls blessed, the man who has his quiver full of them.Enjoy your children and enjoy your life with them.  



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