Do You Hate Yourself?

                                                                                    DEFEATING LOW SELF ESTEEM

 1. Realize that your battle is in your mind: If you win the battle in your mind, you are set! Arm yourself with scriptures. The Bible says you are fearfully and wonderfully made. God made you for a reason and no matter what you have gone through, your experiences you not define you as a person. When those negative thoughts about how awful you are come up, cast them down. Do not accept them any longer. Read uplifting books. Read the Bible. God made you and God is always right. God did not make a bad product.

 2. Watch your associations: Are your friends a people who do not see the good in anything, let alone themselves, or you? Well, it is time to make new ones. Associate with people who uplift you, not those who bring you down. Are you in an abusive relationship? Seek help, get out! Do your friends put you down? Then they do not deserve to be your friends. Do your parents tell you, that you will never amount to anything? Do not internalize that message; do not let it sink into your heart (This is where the scriptures help).

 3. Self-care: If you suffer with low self esteem chances are that you have neglected yourself in some way somewhere along the line. Take care of your health, exercise, eat right, lose weight if you need to. Take a class that interests you. Develop some new hobbies to take your mind off you. Go out, visit new places. If you are overwhelmed in life, try to squeeze out a vacation. Get some new clothes (they do not have to break the bank).

4. Be careful what you say: Watch your mouth! No more fat jokes (I just look at food and get fat); no more poor jokes (I am so broke I cannot even pay attention); no more dumb jokes (I am such an idiot). Call those things that are not as though they are! Say what you want to see in your life: I am God’s product and God is not wrong; my metabolism works great; I am smart; I call myself rich according to the Word of God; I shall never be broke; I don’t desire to eat so much; I esteem myself as God esteems me; etc, etc, etc.

5. Learn to love you: Accept the love of God, learn to love yourself. Yes, we know you have issues but hey, who doesn’t? Only when you love yourself, through accepting God’s love, will you have the strength to change whatever behavior or habit it is about yourself that you do not like. There is no better you than you, so, love you.

6. Help somebody out: When you make strides, help other people with their struggles. Chances are that as you focus on other people you will focus on yourself less and as you help others, God will cause help to come your way in various forms. Remember, deeds are seeds.

7. Seek counseling: If you are depressed, in over your head, seek help from a trusted friend, a pastor, counselor, life coach, or someone who has been there before. As a child of God, you do not have to struggle alone.


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