Are you ready?

Do think you are ready to be married? Yes really ready, I’m not talking about butterflies in your stomach, he/she takes your breath away; and I am not talking about setting a wedding date. This is about asking yourself questions about whether you are truly ready to spend the rest of your life living in harmony with this person that you are getting married to.

A friend of mine posted this on her website( and I have her permission to share it.

1) If you believe strongly that you must always have the last word in an argument, you are not ready.

2) If you do not like anyone invading your space, you are not ready.

3)If you always say “exactly how you feel” without care or concern for whoever gets hurt, you are not ready.

4) If you think you are who you are and no one can change you(inflexible), you are so not ready.

5)If you think about others only when you are fully sorted out, you are not ready.

6)If you are an expert at holding a grudge, you are not ready.

7)If you are a man and you are not engaged in something(ie job or business) that can take care of a family, you need some time to get ready.

8)If you believe that a woman’s place is in the kitchen, you are not ready.

9) If you cannot stand the thought of a successful wife, you need more time to prepare yourself.

10) If you are easily pressured by your parents, even though you are a grown man/woman, you are not

11)If you have anger issues, you are not ready, get help.

12)If you cannot have a wedding ceremony you can afford or at least pay off within 6 months, wait a while or downsize.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Brightson
    Apr 04, 2012 @ 20:19:22

    I agree but marriage is still full of compromise


  2. Temilade
    Apr 05, 2012 @ 08:55:35

    I CONCUR 100%. If you disrespect people and always throw tantrums, u ain’t ready too


  3. sistaztalk
    Apr 05, 2012 @ 17:10:42

    Oh Number 2- I am so not ready LOL


  4. sistaztalk
    Apr 05, 2012 @ 17:11:44

    Oh Number 2, I am so not ready 🙂


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