Woman on Top( Sex tips for married women)

Women! We have become such divas haven’t we? Thank God for the freedoms of the modern world and the Christ centered mentality of good men,godly men. Ladies if our husbands are to remain happy we have to give! The Bible states that we are to walk in love.
1. Give: Put your husband’s needs above your own.
2. Talk: Tell him what you want in the bedroom. Eg “I like it when you…” NOT “Why don’t you ever….”   Tell him what you want to do to him.
3.Plan: You know he’s gonna want some nookie tonight. Send him a naughty text. That puts you on the hook, doesn’t it? Don’t always act surprised or offended when your husband tries to “get some”.
4. Play: Sometimes you have to step out of survival mode and be playful. It helps. It loosens you up. Keep a happy and joyful attitude.
5.Buy some lingerie: Men like sexy lingerie(even if they’re gonna rip it off in a few minutes). Don’t ask me why.
6. Resolve issues: If there are issues outside the bedroom, a woman cannot connect emotionally with her man. You need to have a talk with your husband(not a screaming match, mind you), about the issues at hand.
7. Learn: Improve your techniques. Read books and learn. Good sex does not just happen.
I will be attacking the men next time! Goodnight or good morning.


Obesity: An epidemic

We are a fat country, the USA, 70% of us are over weight. Here are some no-frills, balanced, truthful tips to trimming off some excess fat.

Take responsibility: Yes, we know about the corporate fast food industry. We know that fast food is cheaper than healthier options. You however need to own your part inthe whole mess. Until we take full responsibility of what goes into our mouths, we are not ready for change.
Know the type of relationship you have with food:  Do you eat as a hobby, continue eating long after you are full; or eat to comfort yourself? Study your eating patterns and habits and work hard to break the maladaptive ones. If you are a comfort eater substitute comfort foods for fruit and get help with stress management. If you are a binge eater you may need to see a medical professional, like a psychologist. If you consistently eat past your “full point”, you need to retrain yourself to  think about what you are eating while you are eating it.
Food: Eat less! It is a sad fact, but most of us the USA(myself included) need to eat less food, period. You are indeed what you eat! Portion control is key to weight loss in the short term, and keeping weight off in the long term. Your stomach needs to get used to eating less food. Food types are certainly important. Don’t waste your calories. You may eat 2 apples and be satisfied, but it will take over a box of cookies to make you full and you would have consumed a lot more calories. Your plate should contain 50% veg, 25% starch, 25% protein. A glass of water will complete the meal. Juice should be infrequent, soda extremely occasional.
Eating patterns: A lot of Americans do not eat breakfast. This is bad for a number of reasons. Your body goes into starvation mode and the next meal you get is not broken down or burnt off, it is stored as fat. Do not make habit of eating after 7pm either. You burn food less efficiently at night.
Burning it off: Speaking of burning things off, I have a dirty word for you. EXERCISE! Forget the burn-fat-while-you-sleep gimmicks. They are not true. Watch The Biggest Loser and you will find that eating right and exercise works. Even if you do a gastric bypass, you will still need to exercise and eat right. You need to do thirty minutes of exercise per day at least. Now if you have never exercised, you can start with 5 minutes and build on it. You can jog on the spot in your bedroom for thirty minutes, you do not have to buy fancy gym equipment to exercise. If you can, it is good, but you do not necessarily have to.
Stay consistent: People tell me all the time, “I am exercising and eating right but my weight is still the same” . Then I say, “For how long?” They say “Two weeks”. At this point I usually burst into laughter!  This is an lifelong battle! Even after you lose the weight, you will still need to continue some type of exercise regimen.
Associations: The people you make your closest allies on this journey will make or break you. Are you a size twenty but the smallest of your friends? Well, I am not saying ditch your friends, but you should probably make some new ones who are on the same journey as you or who have achieved what you are trying to achieve.
Divine help: Most people forget this part. Ask God for guidance, and wisdom for discipline. The Bible talks about the fruit of the spirit and this includes peace, patience and self control.
Medical help: Your doctor can help you decide if there are medical reasons for your obesity such as a thyroid problem. Your doctor may also help you decide if an appetite suppressant or weight loss surgery is right for you.
Know when to stop: There is such a thing as being too thin!


The burning question is, what about God do you believe? Do you believe he doesn’t exist; that he does exist but is uninvolved; or that all paths lead to Him?

It is this simple. There is one way to God and that is through a personal relationship with Him through Jesus. It is really simple. When God made the world, man feel through sin, and God sent His Son Jesus to die and take the punishment that should have befallen sinful man. That way , anyone who believes that Jesus came to save the world and through a simple prayer or declaration enters into a relationship with him is saved. It’s so simple, it’s almost unbelievable. That may be what throws people, I dunno…… This is called being born again.

Well what are the advantages of being a born-again Christian? Well, peace in your life, security,favor, blessings, good health, a sense of purpose, the…

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Our Love

If you think you don’t like poetry, you haven’t met the right poem. I hope this is the right one for you. Enjoy!


We walk:

Hand in hand, across the sands of time,

Sharing, strengthening, supporting;

Moving ahead towards our destiny.


We dance:

Cheek to cheek, across the dance floor of experience,

Growing, gaining, giving life our all;

Twirling to the songs of our hearts.


We laugh:

Loud and long, at the comedies life brings,

Relaxing, playing, going on new adventures;

And chuckling at our own private jokes.


We pray:

Heart to heart, as our spirits unite in Him,

Solemnly, deeply, in faith to God;

Supplicating for His will in our lives.


We live:

Day by day, our love getting stronger,

Two people joined as one;

Since the day we said, “I do”



Thunder and lightning,

Fire and ice,

Wind and waves,

Ying and Yang,



The Missionary Position


As years go by and life rolls along, married couples can soon find themselves becoming a boring cliché with little to no bedroom life. This should not be. The Bible states: Let her breasts satisfy you at ALL times and ALWAYS be enraptured with her love.(Prov 5:19)

I am actually going to go from the point of view of things you can do outside the bedroom to spice things up in the bedroom.

1. Date night: Remember when you use to go out on dates? How did you feel when he dropped you off at home? I bet you’re feeling the nostalgia over again. Get dressed, go out, talk about “Us”. No bills, no kids, no college funds, no work. Talk about yourselves, your relationship and where you want to see it headed. Make this a regular thing. Once a week, once a month(no, not once a year). Once in 6 weeks is my recommended minimum.

2.Realize that there are differences between men and women. We are created equal , but not the same. Men are visual when it comes to sex and usually, women take a while to get all “hot and ready”. So men, don’t expect a woman who has been working all day, rushed home, made dinner and is exhausted; to suddenly be ready to get freaky. Help her out, run a bath, give her a massage and see where it takes you. Ladies, no man wants to be made to feel he has to beg for sex or earn it. Give a little.  Ask for help where you need it. Both parties can learn to communicate their needs in away that does not make the other feel threatened; as well as bend over backwards for your partner. He/She is the love of your life right?

3.Be creative: The missionary position is not the only one, your bedroom is not the only place. There are many uses for the stairs, the kitchen countertop, the back seat of your jeep(if you get caught by police, don’t blame me!)Role playing will not harm you or your faith. Make it fun for each other. Do something different. Create a romantic atmosphere, don’t just do it out of a sense of duty.

4. Swinging, pornography, adultery and solo sex undermine your sex life, they DO NOT enhance it.

5. Prepare: Do not expect sex to just “happen”, especially if you and your husband have tight schedules that pull you in so many different directions. That is just as silly as expecting a meal to just show up on your plate and jump into your stomach. Just as you have to prepare a meal, you have to prepare for sex. Put it in your schedule.

7.See a doctor: You may need to see a medic if you are experiencing problems such as vaginal dryness,erectile dysfunction, anorgasmia, premature ejaculation. No it is not wrong for a practising Christian to take Viagra.

8.Frequency: How much is too much?How little is too little? It is all about compromise. Every night is probably ideal (Do I hear loud cheers from the men?) Personally I think that two to three times a week should be the minimum. Once in two weeks is probably too infrequent. The most important thing is to have an honest talk with your spouse(without blaming) about what your mutual needs are and what your schedules can accommodate.

9. Study your spouse: Study your spouse in this area, learn what makes them ooh and aah. Do what they like often. Realize however, that people do change and what made your wife have multiple orgasms last week might not be working this week.(Revisit point number 3).

10. Walk in love: If you are not behaving in a loving manner towards your spouse, in and out of bed, all your techniques will be in vain. There is a reason why it is called “lovemaking” and not “orgasmhaving”.

Well, feel free to leave your comments! Have a good night!

Are You Ready? Part 2

I recently realized that the most liked articles I have posted on this blog have been those that have to do with marital issues. This one is for ladies. It is amazing how many women get into sticky situations and marry the wrong man in spite of the warning signs.
Once again I acknowledge a lady who inspires me, Tope Akinyemi (www.topeakinyemi.com) for these tips:

1. If the person you want to marry is a loner, ie, with no friends, he has people issues. You can’t verify how he deals with people based on relationships, you do not need verification with a lifetime commitment. Run!

2.If you are in a relationship and he is not proud to introduce you to his friends/family/colleagues as his girlfriend/fiancé, beware. Maybe he is not that into you.

3.If he insists that you get pregnant before he marries you, he is selfish and is not trying to marry you for you.

4.If he talks to you rudely and does not respect your opinions you will be an extremely frustrated married woman.

5. If he regularly demands that you promise never to leave him, he is insecure. This is not romantic. This is not love. Tread lightly because this is how jealous stalkers are made.

6.If almost every discussion has to feature his mother, and what she would think, and what she thinks, and what she wants, and on and on; watch out! You marriage will be remote-controlled by Mama!

7. If he hits people, or punches a hole in the drywall, or smashes up things when he is annoyed, you will soon become his punching bag!

8. If all he wants to do is spend money like there is no tomorrow, borrow to keep up appearances, and save nothing, he needs to change BEFORE he marries you.

9. If he keeps going on about his past relationship and how great it was, he does not respect you and you cannot compete with a phantom. You are not second best!

10. If after years and years of dating, maybe even living together, having children, he has not married you(and you want him to);face facts darling, he is not going to.

Well I am going to bed now. Hope this helps someone.

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